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Mini Rotavator
The Mini Rotavator, a versatile Farm Cultivator designed for Agriculture, comes in a vibrant orange color. With a 6-month warranty, it guarantees reliability. This compact tillage solution excels in general agricultural use, offering precision and ease of operation. Ideal for small to medium-sized plots, it's an efficient and reliable farming companion.
Wish Skid
The Wish Skid is a versatile Rotavator with a general use application. Featuring robust construction, it excels in soil preparation for various tasks. Its ergonomic design ensures ease of operation, while the skid functionality enhances maneuverability. With efficient tilling capabilities, it proves invaluable for farmers seeking reliability and performance.

Reverse-Forward Patta Type Rotavator
The Reverse-Forward Patta Type Rotavator, designed for Agriculture, features a 3 feet-22 blade configuration. Its versatile design allows both reverse and forward operations, enhancing efficiency in soil preparation. With precision and durability, this Rotavator proves advantageous for farmers, ensuring optimal performance and ease of use in various cultivation tasks.

Semi Champion Series
The Semi Champion Series, tailored for Agriculture, excels in diverse cultivation tasks. With a robust design and versatile features, it ensures precision and efficiency in soil preparation. This series stands out for its reliability, ease of use, and durability, making it a trusted choice for farmers seeking high-performance agricultural equipment.
Semi Champion Plus Series
The Semi Champion Plus Series, designed for Agriculture, boasts a 5.5 feet-39 blade configuration for efficient soil preparation. With a robust design, it offers precision and versatility in cultivation tasks. This series ensures optimal performance, durability, and ease of use, making it a preferred choice for farmers seeking high-quality agricultural equipment.